Introduction to oTree (Part 5) - Running your oTree app on MTurk

We are happy to announce the fifth and last video in a five-part series of introduction videos about oTree. The tutorial is particularly suited for doctoral students and researchers who are interested in using oTree for their survey and experimental research. In this fifth video, Victor van Pelt shows how to run your oTree application on Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

WARNING: This tutorial is based on oTree version 3.x and uses the self format and, structure. More recent versions of oTree (versions 5 and higher) may not support the approach presented in this video.

oTree is an open-source platform for behavioral research, and it is licensed under the MIT open source license with the added requirement of a citation of the accompanying paper, which can be accessed here. For more information about oTree and its creators, please visit the official oTree website.

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Victor van Pelt
Assistant Professor of Accounting