Using ChatGPT in oTree experiments

The oTree community has put together a useful oTree app. It allows participants to chat with ChatGPT through OpenAI's API. The app itself uses prompts so ChatGPT takes on a character or personality for participants to chat with. However, the possibilities and use-cases for experimental research are endless.

Running your experiment on MTurk

With the increasing popularity of online experiments, many have asked us for advice on how to conduct experiments on Amazon's Mechanical Turk. In this post, Christian Peters provides a hands-on guide.

Deploying your experiment to a server

The consequences of the Coronavirus have made it impossible to run experiments in the laboratory. This post shows how you can launch your experiment to participants on the internet.

Using animations in your instructions

This post present an easy way to support your textual instructions with animations.

Eliciting process variables using scripts

This post shows how you can elicit process variables in an unobtrusive way using scripts.

Sliders with feedback and without anchoring

Sliders are a great way to elicit input from participants. In this post, I share a few lines of code helping you program sliders with real-time feedback and without anchoring.

Embedding excel spreadsheets in your experiment

Some experiments ask participants to make use of Excel spreadsheets. This post shows how to embed Excel spreadsheets in the code of your experiment.