Are online participants still a treasure? Or are they rubbish?

The COVID pandemic has increased the popularity of online experiments in the field of accounting, but, at the same time, our criticism of online participants has been mounting up rapidly. Does this mean online experiments are rubbish or are we perhaps a little too harsh?

Choosing the right participants for your experiment

Choosing the right participant pool for your experiment is challenging. Which experiments require professional participants? Does it matter whether you recruit students or online participants? In this post, Jeremy Bentley explains his approach to participant pool selection.

Automize testing your experiments with 'bots'

Bots are a powerful yet often overlooked tool that helps experimental researchers test their applications more effectively and efficiently. In this post, Victor van Pelt explains their use and argues that their usefulness may even extend beyond testing.

What do participants think of accounting experiments? A preliminary look into ongoing research

Which design features of accounting experiments contribute the most to participant motivation, participant engagement, and perceived similarity to practice? Bart Dierynck and Victor van Pelt are in the process of providing an empirical answer.