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Choosing the right participants for your experiment

Choosing the right participant pool for your experiment is challenging. Which experiments require professional participants? Does it matter whether you recruit students or online participants? In this post, Jeremy Bentley explains his approach to participant pool selection.

Introduction to oTree (Part 5) - Running your oTree app on MTurk

We are happy to announce the fifth video in a five-part series of introduction videos about oTree, which is an open-source platform for behavioral research. In this fifth video, Victor van Pelt shows how to run your oTree application on Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

Why PEQs do not provide the best process evidence

Post-experimental questionnaires (PEQs) are a popular means of obtaining process evidence in experimental accounting research. However, are they the best method for obtaining such evidence in the context of conduct controlled experiments?

The best time to pick up oTree (to design interactive experiments) is now!

Over the past few months, oTree has undergone changes making it much easier to design your (online) interactive experiment. Find out what changed!

How to set up a simple experiment in Qualtrics

Many doctoral students and researchers find it challenging to start conducting experiments. In this post, Razvan Ghita shows how to create a simple experiment using the Qualtrics platform.